Friday, 4 March 2016

Mad Science Experiments: NO PREP! Print, grab your ingredients and GO!

Happy Weekend Friends! Wow we are about to start Week 7 of our first term here in NSW Australia, and I can't believe we are in March already! Where has the time gone? 
I wanted to share with you my new product on HIGH engagement, super FUN science experiments! I mean FUN! I like to make sure that even I am enjoying the learning, because I know that my students will then too! 
The first experiment is how to make the lava lamp as featured on my instagram account. Are you on instagram? Leave me your name in the comments so I can follow you and see what you're up to in your classroom! My username is @miss_smartiepants :) 

The second experiment is how to make a volcano! This experiment is super fun too and there are many ways you can do it!

The third experiment is how to make a pop rocket! These were most definitely my fav out of all of the experiments!
Finally, the coke and mentos experiment. This was also super fun! 

My science unit contains these four super fun experiments with worksheets ready to print and go for your class! All you need to do is stop at the supermarket and buy your ingredients and your ready to go. Each experiment features this image on the front, with the experiment following, with space for the students to write their results and record a picture! ALL READY TO GO! Enjoy! 

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