Saturday, 4 February 2012

Whole Brain Teaching!!

Whole Brain Teaching!!! 

After posting my first ever knowledge of whole brain teaching video (further down) I decided to update my knowledge and find out how to actually go about beginning whole brain teaching in the classroom!

After much research I became quiet familiar with Chris Biffle!! He has a number of videos on youtube in steps on how to get this started in your classroom. He makes it look easy but I'm sure with just a few minutes practice each day, it will change your classroom experience for life. 

Have you heard of WHOLE BRAIN TEACHING??

Here is Step 1 of introducing it to your class:

Here is Step 2 of introducing it to your class:

Here is Whole Brain Teaching through a transitional lesson. 

I am blown away by this amazing tool, what are your thought? Have you used it in your classroom? What are the possibilities/limitations you can see using this tool?

Happy discovering! Kylie (:


  1. I do a couple parts of whole brain teaching with my kinders. We practice the rules everyday with our hand motions and we do a lot of the teach-ok with partners. This is my first year using it and I like it a lot... There is a lot of great freebies on the wbt teachign site too when you register...lots of games and things to download!

    Growing Up Teaching

  2. I have not stopped watching, downloading and reading up on Whole Brain Teaching since I saw the last post. It looks ah-mazing!! I wonder if I can try it on prac... my class is mainly boys who really need their voices heard (yeah, they are super active).

    Will you be able to try it out soon Kylie? xx

    Daydreams of a Student Teacher

  3. Kim, so glad to here it actually works in a real classroom :) I think it would be fabulous if you taught each part slowly working towards all the rules and strategies that work for your classroom! THanks for sharing :)

    SO exciting Emmy, I can't wait until May-June which is when my final prac is scheduled for to try some of this out, it looks great, i can't wait to implement some-most of this into my classroom :)
    Thanks Emmy for your comment :)

  4. I whole brain!! Love it so much.
    thanks for sharing. I think it works wonders!

  5. Just found your blog...very cute! Our entire school is focusing on WBT this year. Many of our teachers have gone to the training and have shared with the rest of us. Good stuff. I'm your newest follower!

  6. Thank for the post. I tried the "class yes" and some of the rules last year and loved it! I plan on incorporating the "mirror" and "teach" this year.