Monday, 23 January 2012


Musikopoly!!! Monopoly.. with a music twist!

Today i have been putting together my private music program together for my piano students, starting back in a couple of weeks. This year it will be all about the fun, and incentives, so i thought i would share this great incentive program i came across, giving full credit to a wonderful lady. Click this link for more details and also where you can download it for yourself! 

This is the game board, which will also direct you straight the the page with the information and the extra links. 

Here you can see the 'Bach Bucks' which the students collect each lesson according to different attributes of 'pay day'. When they have enough Bach Bucks, they purchase the houses etc to move through the game board.

Here is a picture of the property stamps that when purchased will be glued on to their game board to track progress. 

What is a game of Musikopoly without 'get out of jail free cards, free parking cards and chance cards?' I also love the 'creative quest cards where students can take home an extra challenge to earn more 'Bach Bucks.'

Of course there is a rule book, to inform you on how you can achieve the 'Bach Bucks' and what happens on 'PAY DAY'.

After putting this together for my piano students it got me thinking, what a fabulous behaviour reward system!!

So now, I am working on a 'school friendly' version!! 

Happy Teaching !

Kylie (: 


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